Centre for Global Responsibility e.V




CC-air-well is worldwide the only project, which is consuming Heat and CO2 – we are using global warming. In reality we can say: “WOW great, the earth temperature is rising every year, so let us finally call this global warming a `VALUABLE COMMODITY` and let us USE this HEAT and transform it into WATER” (with the CC-air-well we change the aggregate states and make captive water accessible) – and as a side effect we are cooling down our world climate and greening the desert (a big big forest, the best CO2-consumer). Rainforests are still being destroyed – that is very sad and seemingly unstoppable – with CC-air-well we don’t have any Intention to stop them – we are planting a new rainforest and it’s also counteracting the insect and bird dying – yes, we are creating a insect/animal paradise/island/oasis.

click to :     https://ccairwell.com/

for the page Water stress Level 2040 : https://www.statista.com/chart/26140/water-stress-projections-global/